Paradigm Shift: The future of the sporst car.

What is "sports" about a modern day "sports car"
It isn't sustainable to own a car. It's even worse to own a big engined "sports" car.
Sports celebrate the human body.
This was my attempt to design something within a few days,
that isn't big, loud and dangerously fast,
but more dynamic, sustainable and thrilling.
You can be going 150mph in a sense numbing car,
but someone going at 40mph on a push bike will be enjoying a more sensory thrilling ride.
You can even take any number of illegal substances, which can create a feeling of speed, when in-fact you're still sat on the sofa.
Stillness is sustainable...Stillness is the move.
Through enhancing the feeling of speed on the senses (Without chemicals), I designed a mode of transport which gives a greater thrill at a more sustainable pace.
Simple solutions like slight visor magnification in your peripheral vision to accentuate the speed of the passing landscape,
Increasing tempo sounds as you build speed,
handles that monitor your pulse to keep you within a safe control level,
a head first stance as you build speed,
roller coaster type chest harness to give a safe yet exposed feeling.

Project looking at the future and sustainability of the sports car

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