Prada Ventorosso

WIG effect
For my final degree project I decided to create something so obscure sounding that it enabled me to express myself without too much comparative constraints.
I chose to create a luxury Wing in Ground effect craft, for the luxurious yet untraditionally expressive Prada brand.
When you study the nature of ground effect, all boats seem crass and sluggish.
The Ventorosso is designed to take the place of the vulgar gin palace, motor cruiser in the likes of Monaco harbour.
Fast and most importantly efficient, in-fact the most efficient form of flight known to man,
I aimed to design something more harmonious with the ocean and air, sculptural and luxurious.
I worked in collaboration with an Americas Cup design engineer, with past experience in WIG craft, in order to ensure this thing has some realism to back it up.

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  1. Hi James my name is Jahanzeb I'm a student at same course as yourself in Swansea , I'm designing an Ekranoplan with a yacht aesthetics , see when you started to making your model , how did you approach on making a model if you could help me out on this , your feedback would really help me

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